“Passion to be part of a team to help to create aspirational and visionary urban spaces by offering a dynamic range of hard landscaping materials for use as paving, associated accessories and bespoke complimentary features.”


To inspire literally means to exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon a person to animate or invigorate them and to be filled with an enlivening or exalting emotion.

Hardscape, through many years of experience working with and alongside client teams and urban designers are passionate and driven to help with the inspirational process of combining quality paving materials with vision, commitment, understanding and research to successfully deliver the original design dream that was commissioned from the outset.

Hardscape thrive on being enthusiastic and innovative about the materials they can offer and through continual product development are always looking for something new, dynamic and exciting to add greater dimension to their product range to give you a wider choice when designing inspirational public realm spaces and urban environments.

Some of the best projects that Hardscape have had the privilege to be involved with have been those where they have been able to inspire the landscape architect or specifier to think beyond the standard with an ‘open-eyed’ approach to what initially looks impossible to achieve and to offer experience and knowledge to help to create that visionary urban space to completion using natural and man-made hard landscape materials sourced from around the world and the UK.

It’s no surprise to note that Hardscape were included recently in the London Stock Exchange 1000 Companies that Inspire Britain. So why not speak to a member of their sales team who are ready to inspire you with choice and technically proven materials to make inspiration a conclusive option to your design vision process.