Specialist Paving Cleaning and Impregnation

Hardscape can now offer a full range of industrial and commercial cleaning services for external cleaning areas of paving, using a wide range of CE approved cleaning equipment including mobile pressure washing and steam cleaning units which are all self-contained.

Hardscape have the latest and most efficient range of technology and products to get your job done quicker and more cost effectively than anyone else!

Hardscape are also committed to working to a cleaner environment. The unique range of Lanceman industrial and commercial cleaning equipment featuring an innovative recycling system which collects, filters and recycles water being used during the pressure washing and cleaning process.

Site cleaning services:

  • Surface Cleaning & Impregnation
  • Protective Coatings
  • Street Cleaning/Washing
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Surface Protection and Sealants
  • New Construction Cleaning
  • Cladding Cleaning
  • Car Park Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Graffiti Removal

Additional services we offer:

  • Brickwork Cleaning
  • High Level Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Specialist Blasting Services
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Industrial Painting & Spraying
  • Cyclone Cleaning
  • Fire/Flood Damage
  • Masonry Restoration Cleaning

New Construction

Initial deep clean following construction, this would include the removal of excess grout, tyre marks, oil stains and other spillages created during the build. Rates can vary based on the level of the cleaning required; this would be verified by a site survey. Please contact us for a written quotation.

Surface Protection Solutions:

  • Paving Impregnating
  • Surface Enhancing
  • Joint Stabilisation
  • Anti Graffiti Coatings
  • Street Furniture Surface Protection


Maintenance Cleansing, Train and Consult:

  • Cleaning Operative Training Days
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Surface Protection Advice
  • Cleaning Equipment Suitability
  • Site Surveys and Cleaning Specifications


Further Information

For specific product maintenance information to satisfy project operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements, please request a pdf download of the material type required via enq@hardscape.co.uk