Town Centre, Motherwell

Located on Hamilton Road, High Road and West Hamilton Street, Motherwell, the aim of the 3 phase project was to upgrade the appearance of the town centre as well as improving access and circulation, especially for pedestrians. The project centred around two public buildings – the Motherwell Library and the old Town Hall building and also included the footway link to the Motherwell Heritage Centre. The streets paved in granite create a beautiful setting for the historical buildings, seamlessly merging old and new. Bespoke granite benches not only provide a resting and waiting area but include interesting facts about the town’s heritage. The footway in High Road, leading to the Heritage Centre, incorporates stainless steel and corten steel lettering describing the town’s history from its beginning up till now. Granite columns create a gateway feature incorporating 10 historical images showing the town’s streets in the 19th and 20th century.