Streets Ahead Project, Belfast

The vision for the public realm within the city centre was to regenerate it for a range of user groups and activities, considering the safety, protection and enjoyment of the people within its centre. The project aimed to create an environment where people feel safe from traffic, crime and anti-social behaviour and to experience the city centre in comfort having options to sit, play, rest and walk at ease.

The Belfast Streets Ahead (BSA) project, Phase 1 is delivered transformational change in the heart of one of Britain’s major city centres and became the city’s most significant public realm investment to date.

The scheme was funded by the Department for Social Development and improves a large number of streets, spaces and squares incorporating consideration of furniture, lighting and signs together with public art and sculpture. There is extensive use of mixed granite setts with a deliberately restricted palette to maintain a common design language throughout the city centre and ease future maintenance and management. Considerable emphasis was placed on attention to detail ensuring that all material interfaces were appropriately designed to enable ease of construction and visual appeal. The scheme also included a comprehensive consultation process and managing a wide range of stakeholder interests.

This was an exceptionally challenging and complex project that required extensive design and construction collaborations to realise what has become a major asset in raising Belfast’s profile.



Client Team

Farrans / Atkins / Aecom, Belfast