Middlesbrough College, Middlehaven

Grant Associates were commissioned to produce the public realm design for the first phase of the Middlehaven development. The strategic framework plan vision for Middlesbrough Dock was a bold statement; The Land of Giants. This was to be a radical landscape of pattern and colour, populated by giant built forms including ‘Sugar Cubes’ and ‘Prada Skirts’ (mixed-use buildings). The design includes an armature of giant lighting columns leading into the site from Middlesbrough city centre.

These oversize elements are complemented by giant arbor structures and semi-mature street trees. Public art is woven into the scheme with narrative tactile paving, Kellen Breccia Tagenta setts, (incidental seating) and giant paint splat benches, all alluding to the site’s industrial history. The ingenious and innovational modular concrete paving binds the public realm together and cements its distinctive urban character.



Client Team

Grant Associates, Bath