High Street, Burscough

The Fairytale of Burscough Bridge aimed to celebrate modern creative life beyond the city; presenting the realisation of a contemporary design project within a town boasting long-established traditions and community spirit.

Liverpool-based design agencies BCA Landscape and Smiling Wolf created this adventurous scheme with the aim of enriching the sense of identity in the Lancashire village of Burscough Bridge.

The scheme involved the creation of a series of new small interlinked squares and pedestrian routes (previously full of parked cars and clutter), animated with bespoke furniture, paving, artworks, lighting, signage and a village clock.

Creating a dialogue surrounding the issues of accessibility, social inclusive art outside a gallery and city environment, the benefits to the community are wide-reaching – regenerating public space and improving social identity.

The Fairytale of Burscough Bridge, was a working title at first (like an old Brothers Grimm Story or a Tim Burton movie) since this was a place filled with tall tales of nine-toed boatmen, window peepers and Grumman Hellcats. Others that have passed through include Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham, Third Earl of Lathom and Fourth Baron of Skelmersdale and his high life friends Noel Coward and Ivor Novello.

Hardscape were involved from the outset with BCA Landscape to develop and supply the Artscape Royal White and Crytsal Black granite water-jet artwork together with the Tower sandstone paving and the intricately sculptured Royal White granite wall at Burscough Bridge.



Client Team

BCA Landscape,