Hans Crescent, London

Situated in a highly prestigious area of London next to Harrods department store, Hans Crescent is a heavily used area of public realm that originally didn’t have an aesthetic appeal to match its world famous surroundings. The Project Centre was commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to redesign the entire public realm along this route.

The proposed design encompassed a high quality palette of materials with exceptional aesthetic appeal, complimented by bespoke street furniture including lighting, seating and gullies. A major component of the design was the creation of a shared surface.

The carriageway was raised to that of the surrounding footway, thus creating a flush surface. The entire site was surfaced in high quality Italian Prima Porphyry and Royal White granite paving normally seen only in pedestrianised areas.

The works were carried out by Ringway Beach to an extremely high level to mirror not only the design but its surroundings and also to achieve the exacting standards expected by the client RBKC.

The detail comprised of both radial and tessellating Prima Porphyry and granite surrounds beautifully crafted by the respective quarries to form an avenue with planting running its length.




Client Team

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