H2O paver

The Kellen H2O paving system is an innovative permeable block paver that provides an attractive, durable surface finish, while also acting as an effective drainage solution. Available in Breccia and Lavaro finishes and corresponding colours.

The continuing growth of urbanisation, combined with increasingly extreme weather events, means that flooding and water damage are now of great concern for many households. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, or SUDS, are recognised as an efficient approach to surface drainage in urban areas. H2O Pavers work in conjunction with SUDS, and other drainage systems, to gradually disperse water in a controlled process. Water passes through the joint between each paving unit and into the permeable sub-base beneath. Here it connects with the installed drainage system, where it is stored and slowly released.

The permeable properties of H2O Pavers prevent standing surface water from forming. This enhances urban design by eliminating the need for channels or gullies. The system is available in the Breccia, Lavaro, Liscio and Sferio finishes and corresponding colours. The spacers are manufactured to allow for a wide variety of laying patterns, making the system suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular use. Infiltration rates are determined by the jointing material applied.