Standards and Technical

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 9001:2015 has become the International reference for quality requirements with certification, the preferred solution for over half a million organisations in at least 159 countries. Focus on quality is important in sustaining long term business success and Hardscape’s commitment to high standards was initially rewarded in December 2006 with an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) Standard in ISO 9001:2008. The industry standard accreditation, from a reputable provider, sets out a clear demonstration and intention of Hardscape’s responsibilities towards quality management systems and processes. In line with the criteria for accreditation, annual assessment audits are carried out to continually refine our procedures and processes.

ISO 14001:2015

Hardscape invested heavily in 2015/2016 installing an Integrated Management System to cover all of our businesses processes, in order to provide high customer service levels whilst considering the environment in everything that we do.

Our efforts have seen us achieve ISO 9001 and in November 2016 the 14001:2015 UKAS accreditation via externally audited independent inspections, which we are extremely proud of!

In order to achieve this, organisations have to demonstrate that they have systems in place to help minimise any negative effects to the environment, comply with any applicable legislation and regulations, and continually improve in everything that they do in relation to environmental matters.

The Stone Federation of Great Britain


Hardscape are members of the Stone Federation GB who are the official trade association for the natural stone industry. The Federation co-ordinates all aspects of the industry and provides specifiers and users with a first point of contact for information, advice and guidance in sourcing an appropriate material and a reliable service. The Stone Federation represents employers, liaises with government on legal affairs, health and safety, technical standards, craftsmanship, training and education. Stone Federation GB provides a one-stop shop for product information, technical guidance and advice on all aspects of specifying and working with stone.


Hardscape are continuously testing and updating its product range of materials in accordance with relevant British and European Standards and the latest suite of Product Testing is in line with CE conformity.

Product Test Data

When choosing a stone for a project, Hardscape can offer guidance to the architect, engineer or developer to select which acceptance criteria is appropriate for particular types of stone. Once a stone has been selected on aesthetic appearance it is important to determine whether it exhibits the necessary physical properties and durability characteristics to achieve in-service design life performance through a project specific designed test programme.

Hardscape have tested many of its available products via UKAS accredited laboratories and can offer specific and relevant summary data sheet on characteristics such as water absorption, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, frost resistance, slip resistance and petrographic examination.

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COSHH Certificates

The information contained within COSHH Certificates is based on present knowledge and current legislation and provides guidance on health, safety and environmental aspects of the products and should not be construed as any guarantee of technical performance or suitability for particular applications. It is for the user to satisfy themselves of the suitability of this product for their own applications.

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Product Maintenance

Most paving products require an element of maintenance to ensure that paved areas are kept to an optimum appearance and structural integrity. Hardscape have compiled specific material-type information to offer some basic maintenance to keep each product looking its best and optimum performance.

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