Our Story

Passion is etched into everything that we do.

We are proud to have helped lead, design and deliver hard landscaping projects since 1994. Our commitment to doing the right thing ensures we have an enduring impact on the people and places we connect with through our schemes. Working collaboratively, we help realise a shared vision for public places. Using our expertise and love of natural and man-made materials, we source the highest quality materials from across the world ethically and sustainably.

In fact, Hardscape are recognised as a global leader in the field of Business and Human Rights with the Company used as an example of good practice by both the UK and Irish Governments in work for the National Action Plans. The Company is also registered on the Modern Slavery Registrar and has graduated to achiever ranking in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

Hardscape has a rich heritage built on geologist training, unrivalled technical knowledge and a passion for pushing boundaries. What started as a small office and showroom in 1994, is now a respected hard landscaping materials supplier with global reach and experience, employing 60+ people. We work extensively across the UK and Ireland on a variety of projects; from transport interchanges and leisure and educational facilities to mixed-use urban spaces, and have completed prestigious projects across UK and Ireland. In fact, you’ve probably come across a number of our projects without realising.

When Hardscape started, the industry trend was for uninspiring ‘me too’ products, leading to identikit developments and a lack of creativity. Our ethos is the antithesis of this, focusing on uniqueness, innovation and the correct materials for the project requirements – sourced from our extensive network of suppliers worldwide.

Totally independent, we are free of ties to other companies, ensuring your experience with us is completely impartial. When we recommend a material for a project – or a particular technical solution – it is simply because it is the best one to use.

Artscape aPersonal service and passion are two of our main drivers – our collaborative, consultative approach means we really get to know our clients, whether they are private developers working on a prestigious landmark scheme or landscape architects looking to leave a professional legacy.

We strengthen these relationships through technical advice, ongoing support and the ability to work fast. Landscape architects, architects, contractors and developers know that if they require it, we can often provide materials within the same working day.